Best Free Keylogger Features

Here's what makes it the best keylogger for Windows

Keystroke Records by Best Free Keylogger

Keystroke Records

Best Free Keylogger gives you the power to see what was typed on each application by recording all keystrokes entered on each of them. It keeps track of where the keystroke was entered, the user who typed, and the date and time of the record. You just have to click "Load Report" and all the past records for the selected date are loaded.

Clipboard Records by Best Free Keylogger

Clipboard Records

Best Free Keylogger can watch the clipboard, and it can record what was cut or copied. In addition, Best Free Keylogger can also identify the content by type: text or files.

Screenshots Captured by Best Free keylogger


With Best Free Keylogger, screenshots of ongoing activities can be captured automatically at set intervals. These screenshots are stored along with other records, and they can be included in reports and backups.

Internet Activity Records by Best Free Keylogger

Internet Activity

You can get information regarding websites that were visited using the web-browser on the computer using Best Free Keylogger. The URL, user, date and time are recorded for each internet activity. This feature on Best Free Keylogger works with all major web browsers.

Application Usage Records by Best Free Keylogger

Application Usage

You can get records about all the applications used on the computer using application monitoring on Best Free Keylogger. This gives you information about the user, when the application was launched and closed etc.

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"Smart Read" Filter

Smart Read feature on Best Free Keylogger

"Smart-Read" is a unique feature on Best Free Keylogger that massively improves readability of keystroke reports. "Smart-Read" can clear the clutter of keystrokes by cleverly analyzing the records and filtering out unimportant keystrokes such as backspace and delete to show only the final string of characters. This feature can be switched on or off with just one click.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering Feature on Best Free Keylogger

Best Free Keylogger report viewer is equipped with filters that can filter the records by user, date, text content, application, URL etc. This feature helps you find what you are looking for without having to strain your eyes scanning the whole report.

HTML Reports

HTML Reports generated by Best Free Keylogger

With Best Free Keylogger, you can create reports as portable HTML files, which can be viewed in the web browser without having to install any other additional software.

Limit by User/Application

Easy Configurations on Best Free Keylogger

Sometimes you don't need to monitor all the users or all the applications. Monitoring features on Best Free Keylogger can be configured to enable monitoring only specific users or applications.

Scheduled Monitoring

Scheduling Feature on Best Free Keylogger

Monitoring activities on Best Free Keylogger can be configured to run only during specific periods or to be inactive during specific time limits. When configured to monitor only during specific hours, Best Free Keylogger will ignore recording keystrokes, clipboard, internet activity, application usage and capturing screenshots during that time period.

Encrypted Log Files

Encryption on Best Free Keylogger

You can configure Best Free Keylogger reports to be encrypted with a secure private key of your choice. Then the private key has to be given every time those reports are imported to the report viewer. This prevents any unwanted parties from being able to exploit your records.

Password Protection

Password Protection on Best Free Keylogger

Best Free Keylogger is protected using a login password which can be configured at installation. This password can be changed only by using the interface. Every time the interface is called to unhide using the hotkey or the keyword, the login password is requested, and you cannot proceed without proper authentication.

Delivery via Email, FTP, LAN, USB

Multiple delivery methods on Best Free Keylogger

Reports generated by Best Free Keylogger can be delivered via multiple delivery methods. You can configure Best Free Keylogger to send you the reports to your email or upload them to an FTP server. It is also possible to copy the reports from your computer to another computer on the same LAN at given intervals or to a USB drive when plugged-in automatically.

Back Up Old Logs

You can back up old log files created by Best Free Keylogger as encrypted files or HTML reports. When you export old logs as encrypted files, they can be imported and viewed on the report viewer at a later time.

Automatic Log Clearance

Best Free Keylogger can be configured to get rid of old and redundant logs automatically either when total size of old logs reaches a user-specific limit or after they have been delivered. This saves you the effort of manually removing old logs.

Invisible Mode

Once Best Free Keylogger is installed on the computer, it starts running in the background. It does not create a desktop shortcut or start menu icon; its interface can be called only using the hotkey or the keyword configured by the administrator.

Automatic Uninstallation

You can schedule Best Free Keylogger to uninstall itself automatically on a particular date. When configured, the software will be automatically uninstalled from the computer without being detected by the current user.

Parental Controls

Parents concerned about their children’s online safety are offered several Parental control features by Best Free Keylogger.

Parental Control Features on Best Free Keylogger

Web Filtering

Best Free Keylogger's web-filtering feature can block or allow access to websites based on the textual content on those sites. There are content-specific filters to filter out websites with inappropriate content such as pornography, weapons, violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and profanity. It is also possible to block social-networking sites and video-sharing sites using Best Free Keylogger if they do not align with your views or company policies.

Web Filtering on Best Free Keylogger

Time Limiting Internet Access

Parental controls on Best Free Keylogger can be configured to run only during specific hours. This setting helps you to schedule parental controls to run from a particular time until a defined time on certain days of the week.

Time Limiting Feature on Best Free Keylogger

Internet Blocking

Internet Blocking on Best Free Keylogger

Blocking specific websites or allowing only a defined list of websites is straightforward with Best Free Keylogger. You can add a list of websites to the block list if you wish to block in order to prevent users from visiting them, and in the same way, you can add a list of websites if you wish to allow access only to those websites.

Application Blocking

Application Blocking on Best Free Keylogger

You can prevent your children from using certain applications installed on your computer by configuring "Application blocking" on Best Free Keylogger. When configured, users will not be able to run any of the applications listed in the list.