Getting Started Guide

Shane Pearson   2019-09-05

Best Free Keylogger is a PC monitoring tool you can use to monitor keystrokes, clipboard, internet activity, and application usage on your computer. You can view records of each day by simply selecting the relevant date and clicking "Load Report". For more information, please have a look at the following guide.

How to view reports

First, select the date of the report you want to view.

Then, click to view the report.

These numbers show the number of records available in each category: Keystrokes, Clipboard, Screenshots, Internet, and Applications.

After Loading the report...

These numbers show the number of records in the loaded report.

How to filter records

After loading the report, you can filter the records using the simple tools available on top of the report viewer.
For example, you can sort Keystroke records to show the latest records or the earliest records on top with a single click, filter records by User or Application, Most importantly, you can enable Smart Read filter and enhance the readabiity of the records very easily.

Sort records in Chronological order (Latest First or Earliest First)

Filter records by User

Filter records by Application

Enable Smart Read filter

Smart Read makes reports easier to read.