Email Delivery Configuration Guide

Shane Pearson   2019-09-09

Best Free Keylogger is a powerful keylogging tool that also provides monitoring, web filtering and parental controls. One of the most useful features on Best Free Keylogger is that it has the capability of delivering reports (logs) over Email, LAN, FTP, or USB. If you happen to think setting up your email account to receive such auto-generated logs can be a bit overwhelming, this guide should make the work sevenfold simplified for you. Here are the steps:

First, you need to enable Email as Delivery option on Best Free Keylogger interface. Simply, fire up Best Free Keylogger window using either the Unhide HotKey (default: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K) or the Unhide Keyword (default: unhide in Run dialog box).

The following instructions will guide you through the process:

  1. Enable email sending
  2. Enter SMTP details
  3. Enter email details

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1. Enable email sending

1.1. Go to Settings by clicking the button on the toolbar.

Click Settings

1.2. Click Report Delivery on Settings Window.

Click Report Delivery

1.3. Go to Email tab, and click Enable Email Sending switch.

Enable email sending

2. Enter SMTP server details

Email sending on Best Free Keylogger comes pre-packed with a set of Presets for the most common mailbox providers, such as gmail or yahoo. So, you can click “Presets” to enter SMTP details automatically, (or you can manually type in the SMTP server and port later).

If you wish to enter SMTP server details manually, you need to know the SMTP host and SMTP port. The following table contains SMTP host and port information of some popular mailbox providers.

Mailbox Provider

SMTP host




Yahoo Mail

587 or 465



Live (Hotmail)






3. Enter email account details

Enter your email account details correctly in the input fields. These details are stored on the software itself, and they are never sent to our servers or elsewhere. So, your information is safe.

Enter email account details

Click Test. If everything is working fine, you should receive a test email to your inbox.

If the test returns successful, you’re good to go.

Common issues:

If you run into any errors while configuring these settings, the following section will be of help.

  1. Email Server Authentication Error
  2. Invalid SMTP Server or Connection Drop
  3. Invalid SMTP Port

Email Server Authentication Error

This error could occur due to either of these two reasons:

  1. Wrong username or password
  2. Two-factor Authentication

If you have two-factor authentication switched on, you may have to create an app password, and enter that as the password on BFK Email configuration instead of entering your regular email

Important: In some cases, the error may continue to occur. In such an event, you will have to enable “Allow less secure apps” (Give temporary access to third-party apps) on your email account. Here’s how to do so:

Gmail Gmail
Yahoo Mail Yahoo Mail

Invalid SMTP Server or Connection Drop

This error could occur when the SMTP Server name is mistyped or the connection is down. It is recommended that you use a preset whenever possible if your mailbox provider is listed on BFK. If this error continues to occur, please check whether the process is being interrupted by an antivirus program or firewall.

Invalid SMTP Port

This error could occur when SMTP port is mistyped. It is recommended that you use a preset whenever possible if your mailbox provider is listed on BFK. At the event of this error, please recheck the SMTP port and try again.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you need assistance setting up email delivery -- we’re ready to help!