Top 10 free keylogger software

James Miller   2019-10-11

Sometime ago, keyloggers used to be hardware that had been designed to record what keystrokes were typed on particular system. Eventually software-based solutions became more popular than the hardware counterpart due to their easier implementation and greater availability. Today’s so-called keylogger programs are capable of much more than recording keystrokes.

What is a keylogger used for?

Generally, a keylogger is a piece of software that records what keystrokes were typed on the computer. Despite the name, most keylogger software today are actually user activity monitoring applications, which can measure productivity and analyze behavior of either your employees or your children. This is due to their ability to record the clipboard, capture screenshots, monitor internet activity and log application usage.

What is the best free keylogger?

Most free keylogger software today offer keystroke recording, clipboard monitoring, internet activity and application logs in addition to screenshot capturing, and it is not an easy task to pick the best free keylogger software. It all depends on how easily users can get their work done using the software.

At Bestxsoftware, we produce applications that help users get their tasks done in best quality, and we regularly test and compare our software to keep up with the latest technology and improve quality. We compared Best Free Keylogger with 9 other similar software, and here are the results. Have a look at these 10 free keylogger software that are available in 2023 so that you can pick the one that best suits your requirement.

Here are the best free keylogger applications you can download in 2023.

  1. Kidlogger


    KidLogger offers a free version, a “Basic account” in their words, and two other subscription-based plans: “Standard” and “Professional”. The free records keystrokes, captures screenshots at set intervals, and logs application usage so that you can learn what was typed on the computer and what was seen on the screen as well as what applications were used by your child.

    Like most other free keylogger software, KidLogger offers reports as HTML files. It can also produce logs in CSV and JSON formats. However, the specialty of this free keylogger is that it allows you to view the reports via its web portal, which you can set up with your email address. KidLogger uploads the logs to the 9MB disk space you have been allocated on their servers and stores your data for 9 days.

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  2. Best Free Keylogger

    Best Free Keylogger

    Best Free Keylogger is capable of recording keystrokes, clipboard, screenshots, internet activities, and applications; it can also be the parental control software of your choice. It can filter web content based on their text content or category if they fall into an inappropriate category like pornography, drugs, gambling etc. Moreover, it is capable of setting restrictions on applications, and you can allow internet access only during a certain time period. Enabling these filters takes only one click, and even somebody without much experience with monitoring software can use them. Therefore, Best Free Keylogger can be used in households as well as workplaces alike.

    The user interface of Best Free Keylogger is very intuitive and user friendly with many useful settings at hand. For instance, when viewing keystroke records, you have the option “Smart Read”, which enables intelligent filtering out of keystrokes like Backspace, Enter etc. In addition to Smart Read, you can filter records by date, user, application, text etc. or sort logs by date in ascending or descending order. These simple yet powerful tools and how the records are presented in the report viewer in appropriate colors and icons make it easier to read and understand than table views seen in most other free keylogger software.

    Best Free Keylogger with its powerful features behind its simple and attractive interface is a popular choice among parents as well as system administrators, who prefer applications that are easy to use.

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  3. Windows Keylogger

    Windows Keylogger

    Windows Keylogger, as the name suggests is for computers running on Windows. There’s a free version as well as a paid version of this keylogger software. Windows Keylogger records keystrokes, clipboard, internet activity and application usage with the exception of screenshots, which is a feature available only on the paid version.

    This free keylogger offers you with a sidebar on your right that gives a calendar and the record counts available for each date. This and the addition of relevant application icon before each record make it very easy for users to understand the reports in the report viewer. Report delivery is available only on the paid version of Windows Keylogger. However, if all you need is a free keylogger that records keystrokes to be viewed locally, Windows Keylogger might be the fit for you in this list of best free keyloggers that you can download in 2023.

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  4. Refog Personal Monitor

    Refog Personal Monitor

    Refog Personal Monitor is another keeylogger software that should take your attention. It’s capable of recording keystrokes, screenshots, internet activity, application usage, and it can monitor files. Compared to most other free keylogger software, Refog Personal Monitor comes with a slightly more attractive user interface. Refog Personal Monitor cannot restrict any activities on the web or the computer like some of its competitors. Refog used to offer Refog Free Keylogger, but now only the trial version of Refog Personal Monitor is available for downloading on their official website.

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  5. All In One Keylogger

    All In One Keylogger

    All In One Keylogger by RelyTec is not exactly “Free”, but it offers a 7 day trial period. Its interface is does not look very modern, but it is capable of all the main features of other free keylogger applications in this list. For example, it can record keystrokes, chats, web activities, screenshots etc. However, how they are presented in its reports are somewhat different to how they appear on most other applications.

    Although All In One Keylogger is above average in its functionality, it can certainly improve a lot on the user experience section. With a more appealing and user-friendly interface, All In One Keylogger would have been ranked higher in this list of best free keyloggers, especially in 2023 where user-interfaces with a “Modern” touch is all the rage.

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  6. Iwantsoft Free Keylogger

    Iwantsoft Free Keylogger

    Free Keylogger by Iwantsoft is another software that deserves a place in our list of Top 10 Best Free Keylogger Applications of 2023 due to many reasons. It offers a few interesting features on top of its simple and user-friendly interface. It has the ability to build a custom installer with a set of configurations you set up, which you can later install on the target computer. This gives you the ability to deploy a free configured application on the computer you want to monitor.

    Iwantsoft Free Keylogger works well for recording keystrokes, application usage, internet activity and clipboard text, but it feels some development on the report viewer could do more on improving user experience. However, Free Keylogger offers two additional functionality that compensate for this: Web and Application Restrictions. Using Web Restrictions, you can prevent users from accessing a list of websites, and you can deny access to a list of applications using Application Restrictions.

    Unfortunately, the free version has many limitations when it comes to saving screenshots and delivering reports. To enable screenshots and report delivery, you have to purchase Total Logger by Iwantsoft. Anyway, Free Keylogger has some pretty interesting features that can enable you to monitor various user activities as long as you are willing to bear with its not-so modern interface and report layout.

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  7. Elite Keylogger

    Elite Keylogger

    Although Elite Keylogger does not offer a free version, its trial version is good enough for average users who need a free keylogger that works just fine. Elite Keylogger stands out among other applications in this list of free keyloggers with its colorful user interface that comes with a sidebar on the right. Logs that are displayed in the report viewer are easy to read, and they are well organized.

    Since Elite Keylogger does not offer as many features as some other applications in this list of best free keylogger programs, you may have to look for an alternative if you need to monitor screenshots, internet activity and features other than keystrokes for free. However, if you only need to monitor keystrokes, Elite Keylogger trial version has got you covered.

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  8. Spyrix Free Keylogger

    Spyrix Free Keylogger

    Spyrix Free Keylogger is the free version of a more sophisticated keylogger, more precisely a paid monitoring software, Spyrix Personal Monitor. It comes with the ability to record keystrokes, screenshots, and application usage. Some common features available on other free keylogger software, like the ability to record the clipboard and monitor internet activity are limited to the paid version of the software.

    Report Delivery, which enables the software to deliver the recorded logs to you via a medium like email or FTP are only available on the Pro version. However, one main feature that makes Spyrix Free Keylogger outshine other applications in this list of best free keylogger software is its Live View option. It allows you to see what’s happening on the target computer via an online dashboard in your Spyrix account created using your email address.

    This feature is not without limitations on the free version, but only a few applications in this list offer this functionality. So, we thought Spyrix deserves a place in this list of best free keylogger applications of 2023.

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  9. Real PC Spy

    Real PC Spy

    Real PC Spy is free to use, and it offers all the main functionalities of a free keylogger with one minor drawback – no stealth mode. You have to purchase a license if you need to stop the software from showing a notification that “Real PC Spy is running” in background. However, if that little notification doesn’t bother you, you will love how simply you can monitor keystrokes, screenshots, clipboard, internet activity and other activities on the computer where Real PC Spy is installed.

    Like most other keyloggers, Real PC Spy also offers report delivery via email and FTP as HTML files. It shows all the records in tables divided by category, and you can exapand each record to view more details. It is true that the user interface on Real PC Spy is not as sophisticated as some other keylogger applications, but this simplicity itself is one reason why we have included this software in our list of best free keylogger applications of 2023. It does the work.

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  10. Actual Keylogger

    Actual Keylogger

    Actual Keylogger has the ability to record keystrokes, clipboard, internet activity and programs activity just like most other keylogger software. You can also block access to specific web sites using this application. However, you will need to buy a license for some of its features to work.

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