False Malware Alarms

A common problem for people who use keyloggers is having their keylogger software interrupted (or erased) by the antivirus program installed on their computer. It goes without saying that this is not the most desirable scenario for any user.

Some antivirus programs falsely identify monitoring utilities as malware because of the technological similarities between monitoring tools and spyware. In such cases, antivirus software may block or erase your monitoring software.

Best Free Keylogger records your keystrokes, clipboard, internet activity, application usage, and captures screenshots for your personal use, but it does not send any of those records to third-parties or to us. Therefore, Best Free Keylogger cannot be categorized as spyware or malware. However, antivirus programs focus only on behaviors of the application and keylogger programs are interrupted based on this generalization.

These unwanted interruptions can be annoying and distracting, while also disruptive to your monitoring activities. The issue here is the inability of antivirus programs to distinguish between truly suspicious software and utilities that use similar technology.

It is nearly impossible to find a monitoring tools that does not get interrupted by antivirus programs at some point, but it is elementary to add an exception/exclusion to your antivirus program when you come across a solid and user-friendly monitoring tool such as Best Free Keylogger.

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