Setting up email delivery.
SMTP servers names.
Service SMTP host Port 465, 465 or 587
yahoo mail plus 465, 587 or 25 587 or 25 587 587
Enable the 'Enable Email Sending' option.
Email Address: Enter your email address here. All log files send to this address.
SMTP Server: Enter your SMTP server name.
Port: Enter Port number.
Presets: If your E-mail address belongs to one of this services then above SMTP server and PORT numbers can gain from here.
User Name: This must be the E-mail address.
Password: Enter your email password.
Mail Subject: Mention the subject of an E-mail here.
Test - Click this button after entering the correct information. Test E-mail will send to your E-mail address. If there is problem then it’ll indicate.
Send email every (min): Input within how many minutes that E-mails have to send. When computer is in offline then E-mails doesn’t send and waiting for the computer to be online.
Do not send screenshots: The sizes of the screenshots logs are large and if Internet connection speed is not enough then sending screenshots can slow down your computer. When this option activates then screenshots doesn’t send and all the other data will send to the destination E-mail address usually.
Email logs now E-mails just send by clicking on this button.
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